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Brake system optimization

1 High performance brake pads optimize brake performance
Many car owners feel that the original brakes are not strong enough. To put it bluntly, this means that the feet feel soft when braking. When a strong brake is required, there is no bottom in the snack. In order to improve this problem, in fact, we do not need to spend a very high cost to modify the entire brake system, and a good set of brake pads can be immediately effective. There are many high performance brake pads on the market. The choice should be based on applicable principles: First, the performance of the brake pads requires attention to two indicators: friction coefficient and operating temperature. These two values also have a proportional law. Brake pads, which typically have a high coefficient of friction, have a relatively high initial operating temperature. It should be noted that some brake pads with strong friction properties are not suitable for street driving. The extremely high coefficient of friction makes the brakes very sensitive and greatly reduces driving comfort. For the passengers inside the car, the comfort is greatly reduced. A higher initial operating temperature will prevent the braking performance from being exhibited at low temperatures, and if the brake system is not available, it will pose a threat to safe driving. And the higher the friction coefficient of the brake pad, the stronger the wear on the brake disc, so it is necessary to apply the upgrade of the brake pad, do not pursue the extremely high friction and working temperature.
2 brake steel throat lifting foot feeling
For the driver who pays attention to the brakes, the replacement of the brake hose is also a very cost-effective upgrade project. Since the original brake hose is generally made of rubber material, the rubber hose will be too high pressure due to the brake oil during strong braking. Inflation caused, slowing down the speed of the brake oil, and the feeling of stepping on the brakes is not enough. The upgraded brake hose is wrapped with a solid wire on the outside of the rubber tube, so it is also called the brake steel throat. The brake pedal's feedback force will be significantly enhanced after replacing the brake steel throat, giving a solid feel to the top.
3 high performance brake disc modification
Next, talk about the brake disc, the brake disc upgrade is usually divided into the original size replacement disc and the enlarged disc. The replacement of the original size replacement disk is more convenient. Since the same hole pitch and the diameter of the disk are used, it is only simple to replace and replace one. High-performance brake discs are usually opened (lined) or perforated. This design can quickly remove the powder falling from the brake pads during the braking process, reducing the slippage caused by the powder and improving the friction. . And the brake discs produced by Dachang are more sophisticated, and the strength of the material is better than the original brake disc. A good brake disc also has more efficient heat dissipation performance. The enlarged disc increases the torque generated during braking due to the increase of the diameter of the disc, and increases the braking force. When the brake disc is replaced, it needs to be matched with a larger rim and a sub-pump. Bridge to match.
The higher-level brake discs are designed in a split type, called floating brake discs. In structure, the floating brake discs are two-piece design, and the outer and the brake pads are in contact with one part, and the middle and the axle are connected. The flange is another part, which is connected by screws and springs. First of all, this structure allows the flanges of the intermediate and axle links to be produced without regard to the frictional performance and the like, and the material of the middle part can be selected separately. The material of the brake disc has contradictions between the friction coefficient and the elastic yield coefficient, and the material with good friction is not necessarily elastic, and vice versa. This is a big test for the selection of the integral brake disc, and the floating brake disc is a good solution to this problem because of the split structure, and the use of different materials can reduce the weight of the entire brake disc, optimize the vehicle The quality of the unsprung, the result is naturally more conducive to the handling of the vehicle.