Threading hose and Drain hose


Threading hose Mechanical manufacturing, electrical thr […]

Threading hose
Mechanical manufacturing, electrical threading hose, wire and cable protection Good toughness, resistance to twisting, good bending, strong load bearing, acid and friction resistance, no breakage, invariable type, recoverable PVC is easy to be deformed by steel bars during soft construction, threading difficult. Harder but better cost. Plastic, stainless steel, carbon steel threading pipe It is recommended to use Auto Brake Hose, the pipe wall is smooth, the wall thickness is required to reach the strength of the finger, and there should be a certificate of conformity.
Drain hose
The hose is mostly used for life such as: laundry drainage, air conditioning drainage, sink drainage and industrial sewage discharge. Pipe tensile, strong hardness, good aging resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, smooth water flow and no blockage, easy installation and maintenance. For the quality pipe, the drain hose has the disadvantages of easy damage and short service life. Plastic drain hose and metal drain hose. When purchasing, please check whether the material can be anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, crack-proof, frost-resistant, tensile and twist-resistant. Is it superior?