Automotive cable grease performance


First, excellent adhesion and anti-wear, lubricity, lon […]

First, excellent adhesion and anti-wear, lubricity, long-term operation can reduce noise
Second, low temperature performance, to meet the requirements of low temperature parts of automotive applications
Third, a very small friction coefficient and evaporation loss, carrying capacity, suitable for a wide temperature range
Fourth, excellent oxidation stability, colloidal stability and anti-aging ability, long service life
     Automotive cable grease operation precautions
A, before use, please grease the site clean and dry before applying this product
B, do not mix with other grease, do not mix other impurities
C, after opening the lid should be promptly, so as not to affect the use of impurities mixed effect
Also need to remind everyone is: car cable grease used in automotive parts but also pay attention to keep the surface clean, you can use a clean cloth to wipe the surface of the component, to ensure no dust adhesion. The use of methods must follow the steps on the product manual, because of improper use, may cause poor noise reduction.