Brake disc rusting method


The rust of a normal brake disc is actually a normal ph […]

The rust of a normal brake disc is actually a normal phenomenon and is not necessarily related to quality. However, it still has some effect on the braking system, but it is not necessarily a big move. The owners of these issues can handle it themselves.
If it is only slightly rusting, we can use the continuous braking method to remove rust while driving, because the disc brake is braked by the friction between the brake caliper and the brake pad, and can be ground under multiple brakes. Rusty. Of course, go to the security section to do this. This is a slightly rusted "polishing" method.
If the rust is severe, the above method does not apply. It also produces significant jitter when braking, such as the brake pedal and steering wheel. This situation must be treated in particular because rust is too stubborn and not just polished. “No, it will hardly accelerate the wear of the brake pads. In this case, we need to find a repair shop to remove the brake discs and clean the rust.
Of course, if the rust is too serious, even the repair shop will be powerless, so the owner is often in a state where the brake disc must be maintained every two months. In order to avoid serious corrosion of the brake disc, you can also drive on the road at any time.