Braking effect of brake line on the car


Braking effect of brake line on the car The brake line […]

Braking effect of brake line on the car
The brake line enables the running car to be forced to decelerate or even stop according to the driver's request; to stabilize the parked car in various road conditions (including on the ramp); to stabilize the speed of the downhill car. At present, various domestic automobile manufacturers use more front and rear drum brake systems on small and medium-sized finished goods vehicles. Some models are four-wheel disc brakes. Compared with drum brakes, disc brakes are more advanced in technology. The quality is lighter, and the heat dissipation performance, braking performance, and complex weather and road conditions are better.
Cable-stayed bridge is a kind of long-span bridge structure with more applications. It is mainly composed of structural components such as bridge tower (including foundation), cable, and bridge stiffener. The stay cable is an important force-bearing member of the cable-stayed bridge. The steel wire and the steel strand with high-strength load are used to carry the force. The bridge load is mainly transmitted to the tower through the stay cable. If the cable stayed in the cable-stayed bridge fails, damage or failure, it will directly affect the safe service life of the Auto Brake Hose stay and the bridge.