Classification of CIFT Gas Spring


Gas spring is a kind of accessories that can support, b […]

Gas spring is a kind of accessories that can support, buffer, brake, adjust height and adjust angle. At present, this product has been widely used in medical equipment, automobile, furniture, textile equipment, processing industry and other fields.

According to the different characteristics and application fields, the gas spring also known as the bracing piece, recliner, pressure rods, dampers. The basic principle of gas spring is to inert gas and oil, or oil and gas mixture into the pressure in the sealed cavity.

According to the structure and function of the gas spring, the gas spring is mainly divided into five types.

1. The free gas spring (bracing piece) is the most widely used gas spring. It mainly supports, only the shortest, the longest two positions, can not stop in the journey itself. It is widely used in automobile, textile machinery, printing equipment, office equipment, engineering machinery and so on.

2. Self-locking type gas spring (recliner, pressure rods) widely used in medical equipment, seat and other fields. With the release mechanism, the gas spring can stop at any position, and after the stop, there is a great locking force (which can reach more than 10000N).

3. Free stop gas spring (friction type gas spring) is mainly used in kitchen furniture, medical instruments and other fields. It features a free air spring and a self locking air spring. It does not require any external structure and can stop at any position, but without additional locking force. (the selection of parameters can refer to free type gas spring)

4. Dampers are used in cars and medical equipment. The characteristic is that the resistance changes with the speed of operation. It can obviously damp up the speed of the connecting mechanism.

5. Traction gas spring is a kind of special gas spring when other gas spring is in a free state in the long position, which moves from longest position to the shortest position under the external force, however the traction gas spring is opposite. The traction gas spring also has the corresponding free type, self-locking type and so on. See more at