Composition of automobile brake hose


Brake duct In addition to the pipe joints, the brake sy […]

Brake duct
In addition to the pipe joints, the brake system is used to transfer or store a flexible delivery conduit for hydraulic, pneumatic or vacuum force applied to the brakes of the vehicle.
A protective device attached to the outside of the hose to improve the resistance of the hose to scratch or impact.
Brake hose assembly
This is the brake hose with the fitting. The brake hose can be jacketed or unsheathed.
Free length
The length of the exposed portion of the hose between the two fittings on the hose assembly in a straight line.
Brake hose connector
In addition to the clamp, a connector attached to the end of the brake hose.
Permanent joint
Assembly of the pipe joints by crimping or cold extrusion, or replacement of the damaged bushings and ferrules for each refill assembly.
A malfunction that causes the brake hose to detach or leak from the pipe joint.
Vacuum tube connector
Refers to a flexible vacuum transmission catheter:
a) in the brake system is a connector between the metal pipes;
b) no pipe joints are required for installation;
c) When assembled, its unsupported length is less than the total length of the portion that contains the metal tube.