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In the day-to-day use of the car, most owners will only […]

In the day-to-day use of the car, most owners will only open or repair, and the owner is not a professional maintenance staff. This phenomenon is certain, but as the owner of the car, it is necessary to learn from the subtle phenomena of the car to determine the common signs of failure. This is helpful to early detection of the vehicle's fault potential and early maintenance. In this article, the author will teach you from the four aspects related to security from the subtleties to determine where the hidden danger exists?
When it comes to judging where the hidden dangers lie from the subtleties, the author believes that the first thing to think of is the throttle, brake, clutch, and steering wheel. So how do you know about them among these four? Can you discover that the car has hidden dangers from these four places?
First of all, let’s get to know the throttle: The throttle is a power control device for the car. Although it is called the throttle, it is not directly controlling the fuel intake of the car. The fuel intake of the car is controlled through the throttle opening. The opening of the throttle valve directly affects the computation of the fuel injection rate of the engine computer, so as to control the starting, accelerating, overtaking, and cutting off the oil and a series of actions.
The above are some of the principles of things, if the reader understands it difficult to ignore it, you can ignore it, just remember the problem mentioned below and the failure it reflects.
First, if you feel the throttle is awkward when you step on the accelerator, the general reason is that the throttle is dirty or the Auto Gas Springs is not lubricated. You need to do some cleaning and lubrication of the car.
Secondly, when refueling, if you feel that the accelerator is not responding quickly or that the engine is boring, you should go to the service station and check the spark plug, injector and throttle to see if you need to replace the spark plug or clean the throttle and spray. Nozzle.