Different Types of CIFT Auto Control Cables


Each auto control cable manufacturer wishes to improve […]

Each auto control cable manufacturer wishes to improve the sliding resistance between the drive cable and the inner liner surface. Friction reduction helps to achieve this. When assembled, the injected surface lubricant can help it to be partially realized. Automatic control cables are used in the automotive industry, such as hand brakes and accelerator cables, parking brake and liquid lid open cables, speedometer cables, shift and clutch cables, etc..

Many manufacturers usually use thermoplastic gaskets, and they have become the most common choice for all major automotive control cable manufacturers worldwide. Because of the low coefficient of friction, friction can be greatly reduced by the use of suitable thermoplastic gaskets.

Control cables, made of thermoplastic material, help to improve wear resistance and prolong the durability of automatic control cables. Cable now usually produced by engineering polymers such as polyamide 6, polyamide 12, polyacetal, polypropylene, and by the specific preparation of thermoplastic blends made to improve sliding resistance and improve the service temperature of the cable itself. Another advantage of using thermoplastic gaskets is that when the lubricant is injected, it is held in the recesses of the outer bellows. This prevents injection of lubricant, especially during use, to either end of the control cable. As a result, the introduction and acceptance of new concept of using thermoplastic gaskets instead of injecting lubricants reduce product costs and improve durability.

As a result, engineered plastic cable liners provide greater durability and efficiency. They have longer cycle life than standard materials nowadays. The use of thermoplastic materials in the automotive and truck industry has become a trend. At present, typical cars have 20 to 40 feet of this cable for control, such as brakes, accelerators, trunk and hood, remote control, transmission, gear shifting, etc.. Today, automatic control cables with a variety of thermoplastic lines can be used in a wide variety of applications. These control cables are used as outdoor power equipment, as light throttle cables, as heavy-duty transmission and brake cables for buses and trucks. Many manufacturers use specially developed thermoplastic materials to make custom control cables for cable liners.

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