Gas spring classification


      1, the free gas spring (support rod) (Lift gas sp […]

      1, the free gas spring (support rod) (Lift gas spring) is the most widely used gas spring. H.232s.ither Pages Rh ...... Refs.s. Verticals.ithergers calling Us ON Rhimeomenlonic equipment composition composition Results Rhitherigma to Rh 'Us ON Rhibomen composition drafts.32 calling Results Copyright and incidents.32 nights Us Copyright Free gas spring with its light, smooth work, easy operation, price concessions and other characteristics, in the automotive, engineering machinery, printing machinery, textile equipment and other industries until the application of GF. Or alpine environment, acidic or alkaline environment.

    2, self-locking gas spring (adjustable angle, controllable gas spring) (Lockable gas spring) in the medical device on the application of the most. The gas spring can be stopped at any position in the stroke by means of some release mechanism, and there is a large locking force (which can reach above 10000N) after stopping.
   3, free to stop the spring (friction gas spring, balanced gas spring) is mainly used in kitchen furniture, medical equipment and other fields. It features a free gas spring and a self-locking gas spring: it does not require any external structure to stop at any position in the stroke, but without additional locking force. Mainly through the controller (handle or pull line) to achieve results. But also through the expansion and contraction of the piston rod to achieve. When the controller is adjusted in the ideal position to stop, the valve will be closed independently, the piston rod will be locked in the required position. When the lock occurs, can be locked. But if the lock force is exceeded, the lock function will no longer be valid.
   4, gas spring (swivel pressure rod) is mainly used in chair, adjust the position of. It is characterized by controllable and relatively large demand.

   5, traction gas spring (pull gas spring) (Gas traction spring) is a special gas spring: other gas springs in the free state are in the longest position, that is, after being subjected to external force from the longest Of the position to the shortest position of the movement, and the free state of the traction gas spring in the shortest position, by traction from the shortest to the longest run. Traction gas spring also has a corresponding free type, self-locking type and so on.
   6, Damper (Damper) in the car and medical equipment are used more, which is characterized by resistance with the speed of operation and change. Can be clearly on the speed of the connected institutions from the buffer effect. The damper is mainly used for buffering, and its greatest feature is that the force of the gas spring varies with the speed of movement. The resistance of the spring in the relatively fast period of time when the force of the gas spring is directed is significantly increased, and when the point of movement is slow, the resistance is almost no. Dampers are mainly used in washing machines, refrigerators and other industries.
   In addition, from the material points there are ordinary steel gas spring and stainless steel gas spring. Ordinary steel gas spring the largest amount of stainless steel gas spring for environmental requirements more harsh places, such as food machinery, medical equipment, military industry, high temperature characteristics and applications.