Hose is divided according to purpose as follows


Rubber Rubber hose Rubber hose is a steel wire braided […]

Rubber hose Rubber hose is a steel wire braided hose. The hose consists of an inner rubber layer, a layer of steel braid and an outer rubber layer. Suitable for conveying hydraulic fluids such as alcohols, fuels, lubricating oils, emulsions, etc.
Drainage hoses are mainly hoses made of plastic or metal. Uses: Used for drainage.
Shower hose
Double hook hose, strong tension (>120 Kg), strong torque, guarantee no cracking, no water leakage. Shower hose Shower hose
Comprehensive test: special PVC inner tube or EPDM inner tube through water pressure 400PSI and 80 degree comprehensive test
Nut style: nut styles are varied. Nut material: copper or stainless steel.
Connector style: The connector style is advanced design, with fixed type and 360 degree rotation type. Connector material: copper or stainless steel.
Hose structure: the structure of a solid style, through the pressure, tensile, torsion resistance test.
Hose length: 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters, 1.8 meters, 2 meters.
Hose specifications: 14mm 16mm 17mm.
Surface treatment: electrolysis, electroplating
Shower Hose Description: Outer diameter 14mm and 16mm 17mm sanitary hose shell made by the German machine, the real double buckle, never tripping. The shower hose has a smooth surface, a uniform gap, smooth feel, natural deployment, firm structure, strong resistance to damage, anti-pressure greater than 25Kg, and tensile strength exceeding 120Kg. The hose material is made of SUS304 stainless steel. The surface is electrolyzed and plated.
Other Auto Brake Hose
PA nylon hose (PA), made of imported modified raw materials, is a high-tech product of bellows, high toughness, high impact resistance, good bending performance, high temperature resistance, bright surface, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, resistance Burning, electrical insulation >200MΩ, halogen-free flame retardant, widely used in automotive wiring harness, electronics, mechanical harness and other fields.