How does the brake hose of the car work?


Automobile brake hose (commonly known as brake pipe) is […]

Automobile brake hose (commonly known as brake pipe) is a component used in the brake system of an automobile. Its main function is to transmit the brake medium in the brake of the car to ensure the transmission of the braking force to the brake shoe or brake caliper of the car. The braking force is generated so that the brake is effective at all times.

Do you know the working principle of the car brake hose?

The main function of the components used in the brake system of the automobile is to transmit the braking medium in the braking of the vehicle to ensure that the braking force is transmitted to the brake shoes of the automobile or the brake caliper to generate the braking force, so that the braking is effective at any time.

Brake duct

In addition to the pipe joints, the brake system is used to transfer or store a flexible delivery conduit for hydraulic, pneumatic or vacuum force applied to the brakes of the vehicle.

Brake hose assembly

This is the brake hose with the fitting. The brake hose can be jacketed or unsheathed.