How to choose metal hose models


1, Size: Nominal hose diameter, the choice of connector […]

1, Size: Nominal hose diameter, the choice of connector type (mainly flange connection, screw connection, quick connector connection) and the size of the metal hose, hose length.

2, Pressure: According to the actual working pressure hose, and then check the corrugated metal hose nominal diameter and pressure gauge, decide whether to use stainless steel mesh type of metal hose.

3, Medium: the chemical properties of the medium transported in the hose, according to the corrosion resistance of the hose material, determine the material of the hose parts.

4, The temperature: the working medium hose temperature and range; hose working ambient temperature. High temperature, according to the metal hose temperature at work temperature correction factor to determine the temperature corrected pressure to determine the correct selection of pressure levels.

5, The state: When using the state of the hose, with reference to the correct use and installation of metal hose and hose in the settlement of the optimal length compensation. Hose length of the various state of motion calculation and the minimum tube bending times and bending radius and other factors, the parameters correctly select the hose length, and the correct installation.