How to connect the stainless steel tube to the hose


At present, thin-walled pipes have obvious advantages i […]

At present, thin-walled pipes have obvious advantages in terms of production cost, connection safety, and reduction of resource waste. They have become the leading promotion pipes of the country. Common connection types are compression type, ring pressure type, flange type, and viscosity. Connection type, self-threaded, socket type, concave ring type, clamp type, bolt type, welding type, card convex and other connection methods, but in the actual construction process, the following shortcomings are displayed to varying degrees: on-site construction difficulties Daily modifications and maintenance limitations, high technical requirements for construction personnel, difficulty in quick assembly and connection, liquid residue easily generated by connection gaps, installation quality affected by the use environment, high pressure in the pipe, or high pressure in the pipe The axial separation force makes it easy to break the connection and cause technical bottlenecks such as fluid leakage.
The patent of "expanded shaft core locking type" connection structure is characterized in that the end of the pipe body is radially outwardly turned to form a ring flared trumpet shape, and the inner hole of the pipe connecting nut and the pipe connecting joint is matched with the flared horn of the pipe body. The inclined surface is balanced with the flaring of the pipe body through the inclined surface, and then the three-point axial self-locking tight fastening is formed by the movable connecting top core with the sealing ring, thereby increasing the axial direction of the pipe and the pipe by such design. The strength of the separation reduces the problem of liquid residue due to the Auto Brake Hose in the pipes that are derived from the connections. The connection is changed from the pipe connection to the pipe installation, and the connection of the hard connection is easily affected by the external force, the adhesive connection is not secure, the buckle connection is easy to be loosened, the flange connection connection surface is small, and the residual space inside the convex ring is large. A full range of technological innovations have been carried out.