How to judge the quality of the car cable


Here is a brief introduction to how to determine the qu […]

Here is a brief introduction to how to determine the quality of the Auto Brake Hose.
Then you should know the brakes: the brakes are a key part of the car; its working condition is directly related to the safety of our vehicles and people, so don't underestimate. Then, when we usually brake on the brakes, how can we find out the problems as soon as possible to eliminate hidden dangers?
First, when the brake pedal is turned off, the brake pedal must have sufficient hardness and height, and the brake pedal should not have any feeling of sliding down when it is pressed hard to keep still. If the foot has a feeling of sliding down with the brake pedal, it should be checked at the repair station in time to see if there is any oil leakage in the brake system.
Second, after starting the vehicle, pressing the brake pedal should not have a foot in the end, otherwise the brake system should be repaired immediately.
Third, after starting the vehicle, step on the brakes. If the first foot is low, after stepping on a few feet, it will be normal. After releasing the brake pedal for a few minutes, then stepping on the first foot and then stepping on the foot will return to normal. When there is air inside the brake system pipeline, you should go to the repair station to deflate the brake system.