How to replace the car cable more easily


When people go out, the car will have some minor proble […]

When people go out, the car will have some minor problems on the road from time to time, and sometimes it will encounter the problem of the car clutch cable. Before the manufacturer has a better solution, it seems that only a clutch car cable is needed in the car for the time being. need. If the clutch cable breaks during driving, please don't panic. We just need to park the car to the gentle side of the road, turn off the fire and pull the hand brake, open the emergency light and put the triangle mark.
If you are lucky, you can find a repair shop called a repairman, take out your spare car cable, just half an hour to complete the replacement, if there is no repair shop, you can call 4S for help, wait for them to rescue Spend more time and rescue fees.
If you are not lucky, if the car is not in front of the barren hills and the village is not in the store, no one can call, no one can help, then you can only replace the car cable with self-reliance. Rest assured that this difficulty of operation and equipment requirements are very low and far lower than the replacement of the oil grid. Although I have not personally replaced it, I can introduce you to this simple replacement process with the cognitive level of the four-stage (broken) master, and discuss the causes of this problem.
The final solution I know so far is to have a car cable and learn to change the car Auto Brake Hose , whenever and wherever. Equipment preparation: a small hand, it will be in the car tools, the specifications are just right, it seems to be prepared for the replacement of the car cable, and then a good clutch cable, and then recommend a flashlight or headlights on the car If it is broken in the middle of the night, it can provide better illumination.
In this way, when we are in an emergency, we can easily change the car to pull the cable.