How to treat the throttle of the car


    1 . When the brake pedal is struck, the brake pedal […]

    1 . When the brake pedal is struck, the brake pedal must have sufficient hardness and height, and the brake pedal should not feel any slippery when the force is stepped on. If the foot with the brake pedal down the feeling should be promptly to the repair station to check to see if there is a brake system where the oil spill.
   2 .start the vehicle after the brake pedal should be a foot in the end of the phenomenon, or should immediately repair the brake system.
   3 .start the vehicle after the brakes, if the first foot is very low on the foot after a few feet on the normal, release the brake pedal a few minutes later and then step on the first foot of a small step on the feet to return to normal phenomenon; Your brake system piping inside the air, should be promptly to the maintenance station to brake system deflation.
   4 . when you step on the brakes if you hear the brakes have iron grinding iron screams, to check in time to see if the brake pads thin need to be replaced; if not thin there may be a hard piece on the brake pads grinding to the brake disc .
   5 . should be checked from time to time brake oil, if dirty should be replaced in time, two years or fifty thousand kilometers is also a period of time to replace the brake oil, it is best not to exceed.