Installation skills of air spring


   The gas spring installation when there will be a lot […]

   The gas spring installation when there will be a lot of problems, in the same core pocket with a spiral spring which can ensure the integrity of the bottom of the pocket depth should also have a limit, keeping the angle in 30 degrees, the length of control in 2-3 mm, the pressure pad and the spring full contact, the installation should also consider the whole thread style, if the pocket is too superficial, his core may be deeper. Before installing, you can consider testing first to see if it can meet the needs of space.
   When the air spring is installed, the piston rod must be installed in the downward position and shall not be inverted. This reduces friction and ensures optimum damping quality and cushioning performance. The good and bad of the fulcrum installation will directly determine whether the gas spring can work properly. When the pivot point is closed, let it move near the center line so that the door can be pushed open automatically. The air spring shall not be subjected to the inclination or transverse force during its operation and shall not be used as an armrest. This will lead to a change in the structure of the air spring.
   The gas spring to ensure the reliability of the seal, shall not damage the surface of the piston rod, it is strictly prohibited to paint and chemicals on the piston rod, it should not be pre installed gas spring such as welding, grinding, spray paint processing in the required position, it will affect the service life of the gas spring. In the process of work, be sure to keep the equipment clean and tidy. When the air spring works, the interior will produce a component to the cabin, which ensures the best damping effect and buffer function.