Judge the quality of a gas spring, mainly from the following aspects:


   First is its tightness, if the sealing is not good, […]

   First is its tightness, if the sealing is not good, will appear in the use of oil spills, gas leakage and so on;
   Followed by accuracy, such as the need for 500N gas springs, and some manufacturers produce force error is not more than 2N, and some manufacturers of gas springs and actual needs of 500N may be quite different;
   Once again, the service life, the service life of the gas spring with its fully retractable number calculation; finally is the gas spring during the force changes, gas spring under ideal condition should be in the whole trip force value remains unchanged. However, due to the factors of design and processing, the force of the air spring in the stroke will inevitably change. And the magnitude of its change is an important standard to measure the quality of a gas spring. The smaller the range of change, the better the quality of the air spring and vice versa!