How to treat the throttle cable of a car


1 When the Auto Brake Hose pedal is turned off, the bra […]

1 When the Auto Brake Hose pedal is turned off, the brake pedal must have sufficient hardness and height, and the brake pedal should not feel any downward when it is pressed hard to keep still. If the foot has a feeling of sliding down with the brake pedal, it should be checked at the repair station in time to see if there is any oil leakage in the brake system.
2 After starting the vehicle, press the brake pedal hard and there should be no foot in the end. Otherwise, the brake system should be repaired immediately.
3 After starting the vehicle, press the brakes. If the first foot is low, after stepping on the foot, it will be normal. After releasing the brake pedal for a few minutes, then stepping on the first foot and then stepping on the foot will return to normal. There is air inside your brake system piping, and you should go to the service station to deflate the brake system.
4 When you step on the brakes, if you hear the brakes with iron iron screams, check to see if the brake pads are thin and need to be replaced. If it is not thin, there is a possibility that the hard spots on the brake pads are ground to the brake discs. .
5 The brake oil should be checked from time to time. If it is too dirty, it should be replaced in time. Two or five thousand kilometers is also a period of replacement of brake oil. It is best not to exceed it.