Parking CIFT Auto Brake Cable Replacement Steps


Step 1: Park and secure the vehicle. Before any work is […]

Step 1: Park and secure the vehicle. Before any work is done, park the vehicle on the level surface.

Step 2: Find the brake cable. Determine the position of the brake cable. Lift the vehicle accordingly and use the jack support to support.

Warning: Never slide under a vehicle supported only by a jack.

Note: Some vehicles require lifting all four wheels.

Step 3: Release the parking brake. The controller may be released after the weight is supported. The car will have an adjustment mechanism that must be adjusted to as loose as possible on the cable. Loose cable will be easier to remove.

Step 4: Remove the parking cable from the control end. Disconnect the cable from the control side, and find any guide or support for the cable to the body according to the length of the cable. Remove all the support fasteners.

Step 5: Disconnect the parking brake. Remove and disconnect the parking brake cable and the mechanical brake assembly in accordance with the procedures given in the vehicle maintenance manual.

Step 6: Check if the new cable matches the old cable. Make sure the parts are correct and the accessories match.

Tip: Use a silicone lubricant or rust spray to spray the new cable down. This will increase the life expectancy of the new cable and prevent moisture from causing damage later. Grease can also be used to coat cables.

Step 7: Install the new parking brake cable. Reverse disassembly process or follow the guidelines in the maintenance manual to properly fit the new parking brake cable assemblies.

Step 8: Return the wheel. The work is incomplete if the wheel is not mounted correctly on the vehicle. Fit wheel assembly to wheel hub. Manually rotate fasteners or use sleeve kits.

Step 9: Complete the process. Lower the vehicle until the tire touching the ground. Tighten the torque wrench and secure the wheel bolts. Fix each wheel in this manner.

Tip: If you find the wheel not removed, please take the time to check the torque. Or Vire our website: