Properly Specify and Install Gas Springs For Lifting


When you open or close the lid, cover and hatch, they l […]

When you open or close the lid, cover and hatch, they lend a helping hand. When you lift or lift weights, they lighten your load. But their efforts were almost never appreciated. What are these neglected workers? They are gas springs and dampers.

The gas spring is a heavy steel body with pressurized nitrogen gas. The effect of gas pressure is to use chrome or chrome-plated steel shafts to assist in lifting or opening. The piston assembly, sealing parts and hydraulic fluid complete the packaging.

The load capacity and the expansion speed depend on the size of the spring, the pressure, the configuration of the installation and the surrounding temperature. These components can measure up to five inches. Long periods of compression and size can grow to 36 inches. In full scale.

Friction - stop the gas spring can use manual fastening nut in any position. The nut is applied to the piston rod and is kept on the selected extension.

Although the number of spring supply varies with the application conditions, it relates to internal pressure P1 and how the spring is installed and where. Depending on the rod and tube diameter, the spring can be at the initial P1 value of 15 to 450 pounds.

Designers can choose accessories and options for their applications. However, the hardware installed in weight and center of gravity is the most important.

The size and pressure of the gas springs are important, but terminal connectors and installation hardware have a big impact on spring function and life.

The change of the gas spring includes locking or multi-position friction nut to allow the operator to work safely under heavy load. Designers can also choose to spring, let the installation personnel to adjust the gas pressure, the structure of the stainless steel for corrosion or sterile environment, and other materials and assembly components, these components can provide different life and reliability.

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