PVC hoses


PVC hoses (hygienic plastic hoses, plastic hoses, plast […]

PVC hoses (hygienic plastic hoses, plastic hoses, plastic bellows, food grade hoses, sanitary hoses, imported hoses) have been widely used in water supply piping systems and gas delivery piping systems, but for several years The PVC pipeline system has almost zero market share in the gas transportation field, and the amount of water supply system has also declined slightly. However, the use of PVC hoses in pressureless piping systems such as drainage, sewage and waste disposal systems has grown steadily. Mainly because the production of PVC raw materials is less dependent on crude oil than other thermoplastics, making its production cost relatively low.
The hose (plastic corrugated pipe, inlet hose) can be designed with various walls or structural walls, and the connection is mainly solvent bonding. According to whether or not plasticizer is used, it can be classified into hard polyvinyl chloride (corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance are relatively high, and the cost is relatively high).