Reasonable use of gas spring


   Gas spring internal injection of inert gas, through […]

   Gas spring internal injection of inert gas, through the piston to produce elastic function of the product, the product is no external power, effort and stability, can be free to stretch, (can lock the gas spring can be arbitrarily positioned) widely used, but the installation to Note the following points:
   1. The gas spring piston rod must be installed in a downward position, and can not be flipped, which reduces friction and ensures the best damping quality and cushioning performance.
   2. Determine the location of the fulcrum installation is the correct operation of the gas spring to ensure that the gas spring must be installed in the correct way, that is, when closed, let it move over the structural center line, otherwise, the gas spring will often automatically push the door.
   3 Gas spring in the work should not be the role of tilt or lateral force. Not for handrails.
   4. To ensure the reliability of the seal, do not damage the surface of the piston rod, is strictly prohibited to paint and chemical substances on the piston rod. Also do not allow the gas spring to be installed in the desired position after the spray, paint.
   5. Gas spring for high pressure products, is strictly free to analyze, fire roast, smash hit.
   6. Gas spring piston rod is strictly prohibited to the left. If you need to adjust the direction of the joints, only to the right.

   7. Use ambient temperature: -35 ℃ - +70 ℃. (Specific manufacturing 80 ° C)
   8. Install the connection point, should be flexible, can not have the phenomenon of jamming.
   9. Select the size to be reasonable, the size of the force to be appropriate, the piston rod travel size to stay 8 mm margin.