Replace Brake Cables By Yourself


Over time, the brake cable collects dirt, water infiltr […]

Over time, the brake cable collects dirt, water infiltrates them, and they are worn. This is one of the repairs you occasionally repair, and do not wait for fix before repairing. Disassembling the cable is a good thing every year, or if you ride a lot, it can be faster. After replacing the cable, you will be able to immediately understand the difference. Brakes are smoother and more efficient. Perhaps replace the cable into a general bike check and spruce.

You will need a new brake cable. You should check that this is the same style as your current brake cable. This will depend on the type of brake you have. If you intend to replace the cable housing, you also need a cable housing, as well as metal sleeves, end caps and wire cutters. Be sure to use a professional wire cutting machine.

Before removing the brake cable, take a look at how to thread the bike. This will change between different bikes. If you do not have a good memory, take a picture of the way down. Use the Allen wrench to remove the clamping bolts that secure the brake cable in place.

Rotate the barrel adjuster and straighten it so that the cable passes and loosens the cable. You need to pull the brake lever to secure the cable connector to the nest. Pull out the old cable and retain all the parts.

Check if the housing has any kinks. If so, it will definitely need to be replaced, otherwise you can use the existing casing, unless it is very old, then worth changing. If you are using a new housing, cut it to the same length as the existing housing. If you do not have a shell, you need to estimate the length you want.

And then hang it back from the joint to the brake lever. Pass the cable through the brake lever and through the barrel adjuster. Then turn the tube adjuster so that the cable can not escape. Slide the housing into the tube adjuster. On the other side of the cable, you will have to put the metal noodles back. In addition, the rubber will need to slip back. This should be done with big edges.

Pass it through the cable clamp and loosen the bolt and secure it in place. And then reconnect the brakes to the arm that holds it in place. Then, you can make further adjustments by removing the cable clamp bolts and pulling out the wires.

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