Rubber hose


   Choose rubber hoses and hose assemblies. Consider th […]

   Choose rubber hoses and hose assemblies. Consider the aspects
1. working environment: ambient temperature, climatic conditions, and external contact with other materials
2. transport medium: liquid, gas, solid or the mixture of the above media
3. conveying method: pressure discharge, vacuum suction
4. working conditions: the pressure and temperature of conveying materials, the frequency of use or movement
5. assembly: the degree of bending, the vibration of the system, the risk of damage caused by impact and friction, the use of the correct connection type
   Hose with limited service life, including factors that reduce life expectancy
1. bend the hose to less than the minimum bending radius
2. twisted, stretched, pressed or abraded hose
3. for a long time under the highest temperature or below the minimum temperature
4. use the pulse pressure greater than the maximum operating pressure (rapid and instantaneous pressure rise).
The quality of the 5. hose connectors, withhold quality.