Some questions and aerodynamic series on gas spring applications


     1. gas spring, which is for the hydraulic class or […]

     1. gas spring, which is for the hydraulic class or barometric? Is it widely used in compression molds and stretching industries?
    Gas spring, its from a professional point of view, it is for the hydraulic class, rather than the pressure class. On the question two, you can and certainly say that the answer is yes, because the gas spring is a compressed gas spring and stretch gas spring these two, so its in the compression mold and stretching industry, is widely used , And that's no doubt.
     2. Is the self-locking gas spring used in the seat, then the safety factor of the seat is determined by what? And, this kind of seat to buy, mainly to see what?
    In the seat, it is possible to use gas springs, and, generally, for self-locking gas springs, so that the seat height can be controlled and adjusted. The safety factor of the seat, mainly by the gas spring to determine the quality, rather than the location level. So, at this point, we should have a correct understanding is. In addition, in the seat of the purchase, mainly to see the gas spring and its overall quality, which is the key and focus, can not be ignored.
    3. What is the power of the pneumatic series gas spring? Its support force is constant, in its entire work process?
    Pneumatic series of gas springs, which in general, is also a category of gas springs. So its power is for high pressure inert gas. And, in the gas spring throughout the work process, its support force is constant, but also with a buffer and other functions.