The brake line is favorable to the tire, but it is not suitable for overuse


The tire cord ply on the tire crown under the diagonal […]

The tire cord ply on the tire crown under the diagonal line of brake line is made up of multilayer nylon and rayon. The different ply ply is formed by pulling the tire on the opposite side, forming the origin of the X - skew line tire. Some of the tires will add a layer of bundles at the top of the cord layer, which will run along the tire direction. In the tire rolling process, a small part of its contact with the ground in a moment becomes flat, and then back to restore the original state, known as the running surface of the tire, in the running process of repeated flattening and rebound back to change the original state, and the flexural deformation of tire for this the heat for the tire grip performance is very favorable, but if excessive deflection that produce excessive heat will reduce the tire grip performance and accelerate tire damage.
There are two ways for drawing wires to protect telephone lines and steel strands that are intersected with high voltage lines. The first is to use bamboo chips on telephone lines and broadcasting lines at intersections, and the second way is to use plastic skin. The two methods of insulation performance is poor, the installation is not strong, high voltage line falls above can often be breakdown, can not completely eliminate accidents, but also very beautiful, affect the appearance of the city. In order to prevent the occurrence of cross accidents, our factory has developed a series of PVC series of hard and soft "three line cross protection pipes". The product has good insulation, economical and practical. It is suitable for the use of post and telecommunications, radio and television, power network for safety and protection.