The difference between car electronic throttle and car pull throttle


We know that manipulating the throttle opening can cont […]

We know that manipulating the throttle opening can control the flow of the combustible mixture and change the speed and power of the engine to suit the needs of the car. The conventional engine throttle operating mechanism is operated by a cable (soft wire) or a tie rod, one end is coupled to an accelerator pedal (accelerator pedal), and the other end is coupled to a throttle linkage plate. However, this traditional throttle application is limited and lacks accuracy. Under the ever-changing development trend of automotive electronic technology, an electronic throttle (EGAS) came into being.
Compared with the pull throttle Auto Brake Hose, the obvious point of the electronic throttle is that the wire harness (wire) can be used instead of the cable or the pull rod. A micro motor is installed on the throttle side, and the motor is used to drive the throttle opening. The so-called "wire driving" replaces the original mechanical transmission mechanism with a wire. But this is only the surface of the electronic throttle. It is not enough to analyze the essence and function of the connection by means of connection instead.
The electronic throttle control system is mainly composed of an accelerator pedal, a pedal displacement sensor, an ECU (Electronic Control Unit), a data bus, a servo motor and a throttle actuator. The displacement sensor is mounted inside the accelerator pedal to monitor the position of the accelerator pedal at any time. When it is detected that there is a change in the height position of the accelerator pedal, the information will be sent to the ECU in an instant, and the ECU performs arithmetic processing on the information and the data information transmitted from other systems, calculates a control signal, and sends it to the servo motor relay through the line, and the servo The motor drives the throttle actuator and the data bus is responsible for communication between the system ECU and other ECUs. Since the electronic throttle system adjusts the throttle through the ECU, the electronic throttle system can be equipped with various functions to improve the safety and comfort of driving. The most common ones are ASR (traction control system) and speed control system (cruise control). ).