The operating line on the car should pay attention to


Handbrake, that is, parking brake is pull-wire type. It […]

Handbrake, that is, parking brake is pull-wire type. It usually works on the rear wheel. The next line from the cab to the rear axle bag is the cable, which is obviously different from the wire and looks like a bicycle brake cable. The brakes are called brakes. Now the cars are all made of hydraulic oil, so only the oil roads, the position of the oil roads on the chassis is very concealed and safe, and it is a few oil pipes. Both of these brakes cannot be tampered with.
Brake on the brakes should check the brake pads and brake discs, especially when the new car hits the brakes. The body vibration is often caused by deformation of the brake pads or brake discs. If the brakes and brake discs are replaced, the fault is temporarily removed. After one or two months, if the fault phenomenon occurs, the side hub should be inspected. The hub deformation can also cause vibration during braking. After the winter car wash, the hand brake is carefully pulled. The principle of the hand brake is to transmit the force of the hand brake lever to the rear wheel brake system through the force of pulling the hand brake lever. After the car is washed in winter, water may enter the brake line. When the water enters the water, the handbrake is pulled down. After long-term parking, the water freezes. At this time, even if the brake lever is pulled back, the brake line will not move. . Therefore, after the car is washed in the winter, the car should be allowed to run for a distance, and then the parking brake should be put on.
Braking brake force is always subject to tire traction, but in fact any brake can make the wheel lock. If a wheel is no longer rotating it means that it no longer contributes any meaningful handling. Except for certain circumstances, locking up is usually not a good thing, and those who refute them with their current brakes can effectively argue that it is by default that their brakes do not really perform as they should.