There are Four Types of Hard Line


There are four types of hard line used for braking syst […]

There are four types of hard line used for braking systems: steel, soft steel, stainless steel, and nickel-copper alloy. Each has it’s benefits and drawbacks.The brackets from the factory brake lines can be reused to accept the new braided brake lines. Remove the factory brake pipes from the original brackets (you will need to drift them out), and carefully open up the holes in the brackets to accept the braided brake line stainless steel unions, which are a slightly larger diameter to the factory fittings.
The brake system in a modern car is very complex, but when you break it all down they all work the same. The simplest description is that the brake pedal is depressed which compresses a piston in the master cylinder creating hydraulic pressure that sends fluid to each corner of the vehicle and activating the brakes. The system MUST be air tight and free of any contaminates or air bubbles. The sealed connection at each brake fitting is made by tightening a brake line and fitting into an opening that is shaped the opposite of the flare. Once tightened, an air and fluid tight connection is made.
Chopping the top, channeling the body, lowering the chassis, and smoothing the body are some of the common custom modifications that come to mind when talking about building a car. These jobs are very satisfying because of the instant gratification of the visual impact they make when finished. Brakes on a custom car is one of the things that isn’t and can be overlooked and VERY under appreciated.
Whether you are building a new project or just replacing some worn out parts, brake lines have long been a source of frustration for DIY mechanics. There are two processes that create the headaches- flaring and bending. This article focuses on the task of bending brake lines and fuel lines. The level of complexity depends on the length of line you are working with. Short lines are much easier to work with than long lines. Regardless, the process is the same.