This metal connector is self-retaining


The specifications made of stainless steel mainly inclu […]

The specifications made of stainless steel mainly include single-button type P3 and double-button type P4. The diameter of metal hose is generally from 5mm to 100mm. The model is based on the requirements of each manufacturer. The general metal hose code is the company name code + hose diameter + hose diameter + single or double buckle code, such as TF0406D that XX company single buckle type inner diameter 4mm outer diameter 6mm Metal hose.or
DGJ self-retaining metal hose connector can connect the unthreaded steel pipe or screwless equipment outlet to the hose, eliminating the need for threading.
The metal joints are made of die-cast zinc alloy material with galvanized, sanded, or chrome plated surfaces. They are compact in structure and high in strength. Steel pipe and metal hose are reliable and beautiful appearance;
This metal connector is self-retaining and is used to connect metal hoses to unthreaded steel tubes or unthreaded equipment outlets;
Fitting metal hose: JS type, JSH type, JSB type, JSHG type;
Adapted steel pipe: thin steel wire and cable, black, white iron pipe (water, gas pipe);