Torsion bar spring


The torsion bar spring itself is a torsion bar made of […]

The torsion bar spring itself is a torsion bar made of spring steel. The end faces of the torsion bar are usually round, a few are rectangular and tubular, and the shapes of the two ends can be made of splines, squares, hexagons or with a flat cylindrical shape, so that one end is fixed on the frame and the other end is fixed on the other end. On the swing arm of the suspension, the swing arm is connected to the wheel.
When the wheel jumps, the swing arm swings around the axis of the torsion bar, causing the torsion bar to elastically deform, thereby ensuring the elastic connection between the wheel and the frame. Some torsion bars have a combination of thin strips (twisted pieces) of rectangular cross section so that the spring is softer. The torsion bar spring is made of chrome vanadium alloy spring steel and its surface is smooth after processing. The torsion bar surface must be well protected during use. Usually, the surface of the torsion bar spring is coated with epoxy resin, coated with a layer of fiberglass cloth, coated with epoxy resin, and finally coated with asphalt and rust-proof paint. Collision, scratches and corrosion can increase the service life of the torsion bar spring.

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