What are the common classifications of hoses?


Stringing hoses are widely used in mechanical manufactu […]

Stringing hoses are widely used in mechanical manufacturing, electrical threading hoses, wire and cable protection Good toughness, resistance to twisting, good bending, strong load-bearing, acid and friction resistance, no breakage, no change, reversible PVC softer in construction. Such as extrusion deformation, difficulty in threading. Hard better but the cost is relatively high, plastic, stainless steel, carbon steel threaded pipe It is recommended to use flame-retardant PVC line pipe, smooth wall, wall thickness requirements to reach the strength of the finger does not break the pinch, and should have a certificate of compliance.

Drainage Auto Control Cables are used in many applications such as: laundry drainage, air-conditioning drainage, washbasin drainage and industrial wastewater discharge Pipeline tensile strength, high hardness, good resistance to aging, acid and alkali resistance, smooth flow without blocking, easy installation and maintenance For rigid pipes, the drainage hoses have the disadvantages of easy destruction and short service life. Plastic drainage hoses, metal drainage hoses When purchasing, pay attention to see if the material can be preserved, explosion-proof, crack-proof, frost-resistant, stretched and twisted. Is sex superior
PA nylon hoses are used in automotive wire harnesses, electronics, and mechanical harnesses. Various types of home appliances, such as water inlet and outlet pipes, sanitary plumbing, etc. High toughness, high impact resistance, good bending, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, electrical insulation bending radius, flexibility is not as good as the traditional rubber tube Try to go to the regular supermarkets and other hypermarkets to purchase hose products. According to the actual installation of the size of the purchase of the appropriate length of hose, to avoid the purchase of thin wall or zinc alloy material connection nut, the outer tube of aluminum braided hose.
PVC hoses PVC hoses are widely used in water supply piping systems and gas transmission piping systems, such as home-installed water pipes and gas cooker pipes. Green, cheaper than conventional drainage pipes, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, and easy maintenance. Market mixed, quality standards are not First, the relatively high cost of production PVC material that is PVC material selection smooth surface gloss, easy to bend, pressure is not easy to deformation, pure new material can be