What are the types of metal hose joints?


(1) male screw connector: mainly used for local connect […]

(1) male screw connector: mainly used for local connection box and hose connection. In the local box openings, stuffed into the joints, with the lock mother fixed.
(2) internal thread connector: mainly used for cable tube and hose connection.
(3) card sets of joints: mainly used for metal hose and steel pipe connection, card connector installation does not have to set the wire in the pipe, the connector at the end of the pipe, a card that is fast, with easy installation characteristics.
(4) plug-in connector: mainly used for embedded pipe dense gap is small, insert the pipe diameter, easy installation.
(5) Reducing joint: mainly used for steel pipe and metal hose diameter inconsistent circumstances, according to the site installation requirements arbitrarily become larger and smaller.