What should I do if there is a problem with the brake pads at high temperatures?


Check if the brakes have abnormal noise If in the daily […]

Check if the brakes have abnormal noise
If in the daily driving process, the brakes hear the sound of the harsh "iron-iron", this time should pay attention to it. This is the alarm iron on the brake pads is now wearing the brake disc, so it will There is such a sharp metal sound.

Advocate: When you hear the sound of the brakes, it is often late, and the brake discs will be damaged more or less. The price of the brake disc is much higher than that of the brake disc. Therefore, we advocate that we should check the brake pads frequently to prevent damage to the brake disc.

View the thickness of the brake pads
Observe how much the thickness of the brake pad is. If the thickness of the brake pad is less than 3mm, the brake pad must be replaced. Because there will be obvious force on the brakes at this time, it is necessary to step on it to have a braking effect. It is necessary to step on it twice to stop. If you are not very convenient, you can let the 4s shop or the auto repair shop master help to check it at the time of each maintenance.

Whether the brake pads are soft or hard
When the brake pedal is pressed, the resistance becomes larger. This time indicates that the brake is now hardened; if the brake pedal that is stepped on is not timely, and the brake interval becomes significantly larger, the brake is softened; this is the brake demand. The warning may be replaced by a warning, careless.

Advocate: This method is relatively general, and it may be that some of the feelings are not well mastered, so it is important to develop an outstanding self-test habit. The lower brake action will cause the brake oil to be added, so replace the brake pads and focus on the brake oil.

Whether the brakes are biased
Many friends feel that their vehicles have a slight deviation in their travels. At this moment, they often conclude that they need to do four-wheel positioning. Special attention is needed here. If the vehicle is in normal condition on the road, it is only when the brakes are applied repeatedly, then the brake system should be checked.

Brake warning light is on
Usually, we will use the brake warning light on the instrument panel to light up as the basis for the brake shoe change, but this is the bottom line. If it is changed at this time, it is now quite risky.

Although the vehicle has such a warning system, some directly sense the thickness of the brake shoe, and some of the brake shoes are completely polished, and the brake fluid is extremely lowered, so that the warning light is illuminated. In the latter case, the brake pad metal base and the brake disc are now in the iron-iron condition when the warning light is on. At this time, the bright iron filings are seen near the edge of the wheel.