Which Kind of Brake Cable Is Better For Car


The flexible wire is used in conjunction with a hard wi […]

The flexible wire is used in conjunction with a hard wire so that the front wheel can be rotated. The factory hose is rubber, like other rubber products, prone to dry rot. Stainless steel hoses are more durable but more expensive.

Stainless steel hoses can also handle more pressure and do not expand like factory rubber lines for long periods of time. Stainless steel hoses can not eliminate acupuncture leaks, so check them just as you do, the factory line is always a good way to prevent bigger faults.

In a hydraulic brake system, pressing the pedal will push the plunger into the master cylinder, forcing the brake fluid through the rest of the system to the caliper or wheel cylinder. Running from the master cylinder is a rigid steel wire connected to a flexible hose. The flexible hose is connected from the hard wire to the caliper or wheel cylinder. These flexible lines allow suspension movement and lateral movement during rotation. Without these flexible lines, hard lines will soon get tired and eventually lead to failure.

In most cars, most of the car's factory brake lines are made of rubber. The rubber makes a large brake line because it is durable, resilient and will last for a long time without having to be replaced. In the design of a car, the vehicle manufacturer seeks low cost and low maintenance components, and the rubber is suitable for braking lines. Another type of brake wire is stainless steel braided wire. They have inner tubes that are wrapped in stainless steel nets. These lines are much stronger than rubber; but the increased strength also brings a greater price.

The rubber line is the perfect solution for non-performance-guided drives. For more people looking for more from the brake system, the stainless steel wire is a better choice. The factory rubber tubing is not reinforced as stainless steel lines, so they will scale outward when the pressure is established. This expansion leads to sponge or hot pedal feel. By upgrading to a set of stainless steel wires on the factory rubber line, you will reduce the outward expansion of the line. This in turn will reduce the sponge feel of your brake pedal and give you a more accurate pedal feel. The precise pedal feel will allow for more sensitive braking adjustments, and also adds pedal feedback to the system. Know more at