Why replace the brake hose?


   Car brake system is the most need to pay attention t […]

   Car brake system is the most need to pay attention to the owners of a car system, the brake system is directly related to the driver's life and property safety, the vehicle told the process of driving, once the brake system problems, not a small problem, but now many novice drivers are Do not understand this related knowledge, the following is us to the car faithful to sort out some of the car on the replacement of the brake hose some of the relevant knowledge, so that owners know their car more convenient to facilitate their own car after the maintenance and maintenance , But also for the safety of the driver.
Replacement process to note:
1, should be installed in accordance with the original way to replace the hose. Do not use oil to clean the pipe, use water to remove the dirt on the pipe.
2, the application of anti-corrosion coating, it is through the shielding method to protect the brake hose, this time to be extra careful. Paint, mineral oil or oil-based sprays and oils can cause damage to the outer surface of the hose.
3, update the brake parts, to be absolutely clean, so to ensure that no grease and dirt. Every time you clean with a towel cloth or paper without velvet.
4. Do not leave dust or contaminants at the connection with the main pump during filling or pressurization of the hydraulic system.
5. Store and place the brake fluid as far as possible with the original bottle or can. In order to fill the oil, remember to have enough brake fluid. Do not use the hydraulic system of the repeated use of the brake fluid to deflate.