Why replace the brake hose?


   Rubber hoses are most likely to cause weakening of b […]

   Rubber hoses are most likely to cause weakening of brake pressure. Because the rubber material has a considerable flexibility, in the depressing brake pedal, the oil pressure suddenly increases, the brake pressure part of the rubber tube into the expansion, its diameter was forced large. The pressure in the brake oil path is reduced due to this change, resulting in a smaller braking force and a longer braking time. This is indeed a hidden danger for the safety of the car, especially in the case of high frequency, high strength brakes, rubber tube of this defect will become more apparent. The solution is to use the brake steel roar instead of rubber hose. Brake steel roar inside is Teflon material, compared to nylon material performance higher, and outside the preparation of metal mesh wrapped, so named brake steel roar. This layer of metal and Teflon material is to limit the expansion of the tube, so the braking force will not be so the loss and loss.
    To ensure that the vehicle brake system maintains good performance and to ensure safety and reliability, the brake hose requires periodic inspection of the incision, wiping, general aging and leakage. There is any doubt about the condition of the hose and should be checked again. It is recommended that all hoses be changed every 36,000 miles or every 60000 km or every three years, whichever occurs first. When the brake hose is replaced, it is easy to find other accidental failures, so it is advisable to replace the brake hose at the local repair shop opening day.