Automobile brake hose bending fatigue testing machine


Automobile brake hose flex fatigue testing machine (fle […]

Automobile brake hose flex fatigue testing machine (flexion test machine) is mainly used to simulate the actual working conditions of automobile brake tubes, automobile brake tubes, and automobile brake hoses in automobiles, and is used to accelerate the test of automobile brake hoses. The flex durability of rubber hoses and other rubber and plastic pressure hoses. Provide driving safety. The equipment uses computer control / manual button control to complete the operation of the entire equipment. Before testing, the internal pressure of the test product needs to be pressurized and exhausted, and then the directional flexion of the brake tube and brake tube by the rotating drive disk is completed. Set and collect, and record the collection and judgment of time, pressure, speed and revolution during the test.

2. Technical parameters of automobile brake hose flex fatigue testing machine:

1. Test medium: brake fluid, distilled water

2. Pressure level: 0 ~ 6Mpa adjustable

3. Flexion method: rotating flexion

4. Rotation radius: 100mm

7. Test station: 4 stations

8. Speed adjustment: 100-810 r / min

9. Length range: 200--800

10. Time mode: 0 ~ 9999S / M / H

11. Length measurement: with free length and slack length scale

12. Control accuracy: ± 1%

13. Output form: output of data test report and pressure curve.