Briefly introduce the leaf spring


Leaf springs are the most widely used elastic component […]

Leaf springs are the most widely used elastic components in automotive suspensions. It is an approximately equal-strength elastic beam composed of a plurality of alloy spring pieces of equal width but not equal length (equal thickness or unequal), as shown in FIG.
The first piece of the leaf spring (the longest piece) is called the main piece, and the two ends are bent into the ears, and the bushing made of bronze or plastic, rubber, powder metallurgy, etc. is installed to facilitate the fixing with the spring pin. A hinged connection is formed on the bracket or the lug seat on the frame. The middle of the leaf spring is generally fixed to the axle by U-bolts.
The main piece of the ear is severely stressed and is a weak place. In order to improve the stress of the main piece of the ear, the end of the second piece is also bent into a roll, which is wrapped around the main piece of the ear, which is called the ear. In order to make the pieces slide relative to each other when the Auto Gas Springs is deformed, a large gap is left between the main piece of the roll and the second piece of the ear. In some suspensions, the ends of the leaf springs are not made into the ears, but other support connections are used.