Effect of temperature on gas spring


Gas spring is an industrial accessory that can perform […]

Gas spring is an industrial accessory that can perform multiple functions such as support, cushioning and braking.
Its principle is to fill an inert gas or oil-gas mixture in a closed pressure cylinder, so that the pressure in the cavity is several times or dozens of times higher than the atmospheric pressure, and the pressure generated by using the cross-sectional area of the piston rod is smaller than the cross-sectional area of the piston. Poor to achieve the movement of the piston rod.
Gas springs have a wide range of applications, so the spring, summer, autumn and winter we usually experience daily, the temperature level also has a certain impact on gas springs.
As is known to all, when the temperature increases, the gas volume will increase, so when the temperature increases, as the internal gas volume of the gas spring increases, its internal pressure will increase and the supporting force will increase. The opposite is true when the temperature drops.
The supporting force of the gas spring in motion includes supporting force and frictional force. When the gas spring support rod is not subjected to external force, it is at the maximum extension value.