How much do you know about auto brake hoses?


How much do you know about auto brake hoses? As a compo […]

How much do you know about auto brake hoses?

As a component of the automobile brake system, the automobile brake hose is mainly used to transfer the brake medium in the automobile brake to ensure that the braking force is transmitted to the automobile brake shoe or brake caliper to generate the braking force, so that the brake can be braked at any time. effective.
In general braking systems, pipelines usually appear near the master cylinder and the wheels.
But these two kinds of pipelines are different: several black pipes protruding from the brake master cylinder. These pipes are made of metal. The metal has no elasticity and will not expand due to the increase of liquid pressure to ensure the braking force. transfer.
However, hoses have to be used at the end of the pipeline, near the wheels, because the vehicle suspension is always moving relative to the body during driving. At present, the brake hoses used in many cars are still rubber. The outer surface is covered with a steel wire braided tube, which can improve the high pressure resistance.
The hydraulic brake hose assembly is composed of a brake hose and a brake hose joint. There is a permanent connection between the brake hose and the brake hose joint, and the connection is realized by crumpling or cold extrusion of the joint part relative to the hose.
The hydraulic brake hose assembly or the corresponding parts, under the above test conditions, shall be able to meet the performance requirements specified in this article when tested according to the following methods.
The brake hoses sold on the market are all brake hose assemblies with joints. According to the different types of automobile braking, it is divided into hydraulic brake hose, pneumatic brake hose and vacuum brake hose. According to its material, it is divided into rubber brake hose and nylon brake hose.
The rubber brake hose has the advantages of strong tensile strength and easy installation. The disadvantage is that the surface is easy to age after long-term use. Nylon brake hose has the advantages of anti-aging and corrosion resistance. The disadvantage is that under low temperature conditions, the tensile strength is weakened, and it is easy to break if it is impacted by external forces.