What are the functions of automobile brake hoses?


Automobile brake hose has high flame retardancy and goo […]

Automobile brake hose has high flame retardancy and good waterproof function
A variety of raw materials are available: stainless steel, galvanized steel strip, aluminum, copper. It has high tensile strength, strong destructive resistance, high fatigue resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, strong corrosion resistance, and can resist improper change and damage Features. According to the requirements of different industries, PVC coating or woven mesh can be added to the casing to achieve the function of waterproof and explosion-proof. Good flexibility, soft and smooth, easy to install and position. Can be directly constructed and laid without pre-buried pipelines .Smooth inside and outside, easy to cross the wires, supporting various connectors and junction boxes, convenient to implement advanced planning, strong structure, stable function, excellent insulation function, high flame retardancy and good waterproof function. The brake hose must be checked and replaced regularly, so that the brake system of the car will not lag behind, and the degree of danger can be minimized and prevent problems before they occur.

The brake hose can be bulged, and it is even more capable if it is a domestic or joint venture new car. The bulge can be seen with the naked eye, but the cause of the bulge is mostly due to the problem of the raw material of the brake hose, so the second guarantee And the maintenance of the chassis for each maintenance is very necessary. If you are cut by a sharp tool, you will feel the first time you step on the brake after being cut (the brake is much softer than usual (this may also be due to lack of brake fluid). The hose will crack directly. If the brakes are not effective when you are traveling, don't be nervous, and don't press the brakes too hard (then all the brake fluid will leak).Don't pull the hand brake at high speeds, and drive the car to the side of the road. And turn on the emergency signal light, step on the brakes a little bit (the brakes may be soft, but the brakes of other wheels may be useful when there is brake fluid), and can pull the hand brake to stop the car at low speeds.