What are the points to consider when choosing a gas spring?


Simply put, this kind of component equipment is like an […]

Simply put, this kind of component equipment is like an engine cylinder. The closed pressure tube is filled with high-pressure nitrogen and oil, or a mixture of oil and gas. The pressure in the tube is higher than atmospheric pressure to push the piston and piston rod to move. The cross-section of the piston rod is smaller than the cross-section of the piston to generate a pressure difference, that is, an elastic force. The elasticity can be set by setting different nitrogen pressures or gas springs of different diameters.


In fact, gas spring technology began to be industrialized by Western industrial countries around the 1930s, and gradually expanded from door and window accessories to medical equipment, automobiles, textile equipment, processing industries and other fields, such as the opening of the front and rear covers of modern cars. At present, gas springs are also divided into many professional categories. The use of gas springs to adjust the height of the seat is a technology that has only appeared in the past ten years. This type of gas spring is called a self-locking gas spring, which can generate a large locking force. It is this force that allows the chair to be raised and lowered at will while bearing the weight, which is much more convenient than the swivel chair that was adjusted by rotation many years ago. Now, some chairs can freely adjust the inclination angle of the cushion and the pitch angle of the backrest with the help of gas spring technology to ensure that the shape of the chair conforms to the ergonomic curve to the greatest extent.
1. The gas spring piston rod must be installed in the downward position, not upside-down, which can reduce friction and ensure the best damping quality and cushioning performance.
2. Determining the installation position of the fulcrum is the guarantee for the gas spring to work correctly. The gas spring must be installed in the correct way, that is, when it is closed, move it across the center line of the structure, otherwise the gas spring will often automatically reset.