What are the specifications for the reinspection of automobile brake hoses?


What are the specifications for brake hose reinspection […]

What are the specifications for brake hose reinspection?

1 Scope This code specifies the re-inspection items, requirements, inspection methods and re-inspection rules of brake hoses for semi-trailers. This specification applies to the factory re-inspection and regular confirmation inspection of brake hoses for semi-trailers. 

2 Reference standard GB/T2828.1-2003 Part 1: Batch inspection sampling plan retrieved by acceptance quality limit (AQL) Reinspection items and requirements
3.1 Marking 3.1.1 The appearance of the brake hose must have a permanent 3C mark. 3.1.2 Every brake hose should be marked. Each item from a) to e) should be marked in sequence. a) The symbol GB16897 indicates that the manufacturer has certified that the hose is in full compliance with this standard; b) the certification mark of the hose manufacturer; c) the year, month, day, or year of manufacture represented by numbers, such as 94-04-20 The product was manufactured on April 20, 1994; d) Add mm after the Arabic numeral to indicate the nominal inner diameter of the hose, such as 3.2mm; add mm after the Arabic numeral and the symbol OD to indicate the nominal outer diameter of the plastic tube, such as 12mmOD E) "HR" means standard expansion hydraulic hose, "HL" means low expansion hydraulic hose, letter "A" means designated for air brake system, letter "V" means used for vacuum brake system. 3.2 Appearance quality The appearance of the brake hose does not allow delamination, bubbling, cracking, and sponge phenomenon. 3.3 Dimensions 3.3.1 Hose length—the length of the exposed part of the hose between the two pipe joints on the hose assembly in a straight line state. 3.3.2 The length of the hose shall be ±10mm according to the size of the purchase list.
3.3.3 See specific requirements for special requirements. 3.4 Compulsory certification certificate The hose compulsory certification certificate is within the validity period. 
4 Inspection method 4.1 The visual inspection mark and appearance quality should meet the requirements of 3.1 and 3.2. 4.2 The measurement and inspection with a steel tape with an accuracy of 1mm shall meet the requirements of Article 3.3. 4.3 Logging on the website of the China National Certification and Accreditation Administration Commission to query the compulsory certification certificate shall comply with Article 3.4. 
5 Inspection rules and qualification criteria 5.1 Re-inspection at the factory 5.1.1 Full inspection of marking and appearance quality. 5.1.2 The inspection size is carried out according to the GB/T2828.1-2003 one-time sampling plan, the general inspection level is II, and the AQL value is 4.0. 5.1.3 Special requirements inspection shall be carried out according to design requirements. 5.2 Periodic confirmation and inspection The compulsory certification certificate query is invalid or suspended, it is judged as unqualified.


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