What is the description and maintenance of the brake pipe?


Automobile brake hose (also called brake pipe) is a com […]

Automobile brake hose (also called brake pipe) is a component in the automobile brake system. The main function of the brake pipe is to transfer the brake medium in the automobile brake to ensure that the braking force is transmitted to the automobile brake shoe or The brake caliper generates braking force, so that the braking is effective at any time. Classification of brake hoses
According to the different types of automobile braking, it is divided into hydraulic brake hose, pneumatic brake hose and vacuum brake hose. According to its material, it is divided into rubber brake hose and nylon brake hose.

Advantages and disadvantages of brake hoses
The rubber brake hose has the advantages of strong tensile strength and easy installation
Nylon brake hose has the advantages of anti-aging and corrosion resistance

Maintenance of brake hose
The brake hose is an important part to ensure the safe driving of the vehicle. Everyone who uses the car should be special
Pay attention to the usual maintenance and inspection. Pay attention to the following opportunities:
1. Check the brake hose regularly to keep the surface of the brake hose clean to avoid corrosion.

2. Avoid pulling the brake hose with external force.
3. Frequently check whether the joint of the brake hose is loose and tightly sealed.
4. If the brake hose used for a long time is found to be aging, not tightly sealed or scratched, it should be replaced in time. The impact of brake hose failure on the brake system
If the internal volume of the brake hose increases, it will make the car's braking system lag behind. If a rupture occurs, the braking system will fail. If the brake hose is blocked, it will fail to brake.