What is the difference between a car brake hose and a hard tube? What material is the car brake tube?


What is the difference between a car brake hose and a h […]

What is the difference between a car brake hose and a hard tube?
1. Vibration occurs during the operation of the engine. As the speed changes, the vibration frequency and intensity are also different. The reason why passengers feel not so good is that the engine foot uses a shock-absorbing rubber structure to eliminate most of the vibration. If the engine is rigidly connected with external connections (piping parts, etc.), the vibration of the engine will be transmitted to the car body, causing huge vibration and noise. Therefore, a flexible connection between the engine and the outside can minimize the transmission of vibration and noise.
2. The hose is easy to repair and disassemble, and it is not easy to leak during installation. However, it needs to be replaced every five years or so. It is difficult to remove and install the hard pipe. For professionals and those who do not understand the installation principle, it is not easy to install hard pipes. Hard pipes are used for gas water heaters and hoses are used for ignition furnaces because of their different connection methods.
3. The working pressure of car air conditioners is much lower than that of household air conditioners. Their working environment is different. The working environment of automobile air conditioners is harsh and vibration is large. The use of all or part of the hose is a common practice in automobile air conditioners. All hard pipes are not allowed.
Therefore, the difference between automobile brake hose and hard pipe is mainly the above three points.

What material is the car brake tube?
The brake hard tube is mainly made of 20 steel and copper tube, which has good shape and heat dissipation performance. The brake hose is mainly made of nylon tube PA11, and the NBR tube in the middle braid has flexibility, which is suitable for connecting bridges and other moving parts with good pressure resistance.