What is the difference between a gas spring and a hydraulic lever?


What is the difference between gas spring and hydraulic […]

What is the difference between gas spring and hydraulic rod? Let me introduce the differences and commonalities between them.

First of all, we know that a gas spring is a kind of support rod that can play a supporting role, a buffering role, and belongs to industrial hardware products. Some people may confuse it with a spring. In fact, there is a big difference. The gas spring is generally composed of the following parts: black cylinder , Stroke rod, rubber piston, sealing guide sleeve, nitrogen (inert gas or nitrogen), control element and cylinder in the cylinder.

The hydraulic damper is a hydraulic feed speed control device that can freely adjust the feed speed of the cylinder within the desired range from low speed to high speed. It plays a buffering role, which is very different from the gas spring. There are two types of control methods: spring return type (RB type) and air return type (R-A type), which can be selected according to the application.

The biggest difference between gas spring and hydraulic rod is that the gas spring is nitrogen gas, the hydraulic rod is sealed with oil seal, and the gas spring mainly plays a supporting role, while the hydraulic rod mainly plays a buffer role.