What is the difference between the left and right brake pads?


How the brake lining works Let me talk about the workin […]

How the brake lining works

Let me talk about the working principle of the brake pads. Here we use the disc brakes as an example: the brake pads of each wheel are composed of two inner and outer brake pads. Well, the sides of the two brake pads have a force contact surface, which is the surface of the friction brake disc. On the other side there is a connecting rod. The main function of the connecting rod is to work with the sub-pump to allow the brake pads on both sides to clamp or relax to achieve the brake.

Reasons for inconsistent brake pad loss:
The first brake cylinders are inconsistent, for example, the bolt rods on one side are rusted.
The second left and right brake hoses are a bit length difference. The oil pressure fill has a slight delay.
The third sub-pump attachment is aged. For example, the aging of the rubber seal causes the sub-pump or telescopic rod to enter the water, lacking lubrication. If this situation is serious, it will result in no rusting and jamming. It can only be grasped and can not relax the high-strength wear and loss brake pads.
The automatic time of the fourth left and right automatons is inconsistent. For example, on one side of the brake pipe, a little air is introduced, and the air is compressed to reduce the braking time of the tire.
Fifth. Single-sided brake discs may be deformed and worn.
Sixth, the high frequency of the brakes on the left and right wheels at the turn is not the same.
seventh. The friction plate material is different. For example, the brake pads on one side are factory and the brake pads on the other side are deputy.